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How To Clean Your Earbuds Best

Did you ever lend earbuds to someone, or someone lend them to you? Well, maybe that wasn’t a very healthy choice. Do you know how much germs could be on your earbuds? A study found that there are on average around 119 168 Colony Forming Units per square inch. It contains six times more bacteria than a kitchen faucet and 2708 times more bacteria than a kitchen cutting board. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it?
All the content that is in the ear comes in contact with earbuds. Ear wax and other dirt sticks to earbuds and they need to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, they are also going to have a lot of germs on the surface.
Cleaning earbuds is not going to make them look better only. It will also make them more comfortable, and also they could sound better. In this article, we are going to show some useful tips that you can use for cleaning your earbuds.

1)Cleaning the earptips

Do you own earbuds that have eartips? If so, you need to clean them regularly. It is usually the dirtiest part of earbuds because it actually protects the rest of the earbuds to make a contact with your ear. Therefore, it could contain the biggest number of germs.
You need to pull out earptips from your earbuds and put them in hot water mixed with soap or dishwashing liquid. Do it gently, so you don’t destroy your earpads. After that, gently clean earptips with some cotton swabs. When you dry them, they are cleaned and ready for using again! 

2)Cleaning the surface of the earbud

If your earbuds don’t contain earpads, or maybe they have, but you didn’t clean them for a very long time, then your earbuds surface should be really dirty. All the vax and dirt passed through the earpad and settled on the surface, where the source of the sound comes. It doesn’t make it only dirty, but also dysfunctional. With the following tip, you could return your earbuds a better sound and functionality. Make sure you unplug your earbuds before starting the cleaning process!

Take a toothbrush, and rub your earbuds grill on the toothbrush. Do it upside down, so all the dirt falls down on the toothbrush or your desk. Make sure you are doing this gently because the surface grill could be damaged. It is very important because the damage that could be potentially done, could make your earbuds unusable. Just focus, use your senses, and everything should be fine.

When you brushed the surface, take some cotton swabs and put some alcohol, soap or dish liquid on its brush. Clean the surface again with swabs, and your earbuds rig surface should be fully cleaned.

3)Cleaning the plastics and wire

When you cleaned your earptips and rigs, you are done with the hardest part. What left is to polish your plastics, headband and wires if any. The best thing to do is to take some wet paper towel and put some alcohol on it. Go through your plastics and wires several times and take the rest of dirt, if there is some left.
In the end, make one final brush with some dry towel paper.

Your earbuds could be wet because of cleaning, so you need to make sure they are dry. If you used alcohol for cleaning, then they should be already dry, because alcohol dries very fast. Even if earbuds are water-resistant, you should be dried after using them in the contact with water because the water can slowly come in the contact with battery compartments. Feel free to return your earptips back on their place. Take care to do it gently again.

Congratulations, that’s it! You have cleaned your earbuds! We recommend you to clean them at least once per month, but it should actually be done once per week.

Take care of your earbuds

To make sure your earbuds are not getting more dirt, you should take care of them. When you are not using them, don’t just leave them somewhere in the opened place, but put them back into the charging case, or put them in the orginal bag. If none, put them in your bag or in the drawer.

Dry your earbuds after the gym

A lot of people use their earbuds for the workout, and especially in the gym. When you finish your workout, you are looking to dry yourself, but did you ever did this to earbuds? Use your towel and dry them! Germs love to stick on the wet earbuds.

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