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Shop on Tranya Guidance

Thanks for visiting We are glad to have you here. And we hope this guide will help you with a better journing at our webstore.

The guide includes:

1. Register An Account
2. Where Can I Find My Coupons
3. How To Use Coupons
4. How To Check Orders
5. What Payment Methods Accepted
6. How To Change Shipping Address
7. How Can I Update Emaill or Password

1. Register An Account
Before shopping, please register an account with your email address or login with your Facebook account. Why should you do this? With a registered account, you will be able to check coupons, orders, and even make money by sharing. And here's how:

Step 1: Go to the homepage at, you will see some icons at the top right. 
            Click the icon marked at below image:

Step 2: Click the Facebook icon below to sign in with your Facebook account or click the “Join Free” button to signup with your email address.

Sign up with your email address:
Please signup here:
Filling the blanks wth your email address, set up an password, select your country from the dropdown, then click the button "Create my Account".

2. Where Can I Find My Coupons?
Login and at your account center, you can check received coupons at "my coupons". If you got a coupon from any of dealwebsites, our partners like Sweatcoin, Miles, Runtopia, Carrot, etc.  Please move on to next poin of "how to use coupons".

3. How To Use Coupons?
Please enter the coupon code at check out to apply and get the discount.

4. How To Check Orders?
Step 1: Click the icon at the head and login with the email address you registered your account or login with Facebook.

Step 2: Click at the icon and you will see a dropdown box where "My Orders" listed at the first place.

Step 3: Then you will see the order list, including awaiting shipping, shippment shipped, awating review.

5. What Payment Methods Accepted?
You can either pay via PayPal, Stripe, or Credit Cards that supports international payments.

6. How To Change Shipping Address?
a. If it's your first times shopping on Tranya webstore, you are required to provide your shipping address at checkout before placing an order. Please filling the blanks with name of the receipt, detailed address, and phone number. 
Please note that shipping address couldn't be changed by yourself if you have clicked the "Place Your Order" button. You will need to ontact us at to update the shipping address for you. 

b. If you are a return customer and you want to use another shipping address for the new order. Please click "Add New Address" at the top conner at the right side.

7. How Can I Change Email Address and Password of My Account?
Step 1: Click the icon at the head and login.

Step 2: Find "Account Settings" at the account center, and put the new information in the blanks, click "save" to confirm change.


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