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Tranya T3 honest review from

the T3 is the only truly wireless earphone at the 50 dollar mark that has volume controls on the earpieces itself. You control them with the big, metallic-look buttons in the centre. Pressing the right button twice increases the volume, pressing the left one decreases it. A single press is enough to play/ pause the music or take a call, holding a button for two seconds forwards or returns a song. You need some force to push the buttons, which isn’t the best feeling for your ears… but it’s great that all important music controls are within reach on the buttons.

The charging case of the Tranya T3 is cleverly designed too. It’s definitely sturdy and it has four indicator lights that show the amount of battery the case has. It has a massive amount too: it’s 800mAh is capable of charging the earpieces full six times, and every charge will give the earphones around 5 hours of listening time.

The star of the show however, is the sound quality. The Tranya T3 is themost detailed sounding wireless earphone under 100 dollar. Instruments do not just sound separate from each other; they have their own place. In higher quality recordings, it's easy to position them. Drums? On the left. Piano? Right ahead. Music sounds layered and oozes with detail. Upper mid and higher tones are emphasized, providing presence and plenty of details in vocals and instruments such as violins. Underneath it all lays a powerful bass. It slams hard, rumbles deep and is impressively textured. It can sometimes be a little too overwhelming in specific modern rap tracks already designed to really push out the bass, but most of the times, it works fantastic. It’s bass AND detail on the Tranya T3.

With volume controls on the earpieces itself, its clever big charging case and its impressively detailed sound, the Tranya T3 is among the best true wireless earphones under 100 dollar.

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