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This is the Tranya 1 Pro. It just came out. I had logged on to buy the Tranya 2's again. I have had them about six months now and I still love the T2's. But I lost them to someone who loved them too. She had the wireless headsets with the wires. But after trying these she did not want to go back. So I can't seem to get them back without a fuss.

So I went to buy the T2's again then I saw the T1 Pro pop up. It took me a minute to realize that this was an update to their earbuds. I had already looked at the T1 and had decided on getting the T2's six months ago. Now that the PRO is out they have continued to improve on their earbuds.


At the end of the day, everyone wants good sound. These deliver. Bass is deep and natural sounding. The mid range and treble are not drowned out. These have a great balance to it.

Even better is the noise cancellation. I put these in and the world goes away. I can just concentrate on the music and my workouts or work. Street noise goes away. I will use these on a plane in a month. I will update how they do on a flight for canceling engine noise. Right now, I would bet they do a great job.

Phone calls:

People seem to be able to hear me well. I had no complaints about the T2. I have not spent a lot of time on the phone yet with the T1 PRO but my initial calls were of the same quality as the T2.


Fit is similar to the earlier version T2's. If you watch my comparison with the Jaybirds you will see that I like the fit of the T1 Pro much better. I use these for sport and they work well.


I had no complaints about the T2's. My main complaints with the Jaybirds were the extra earpiece fitting ring. That was just annoying. But all of the Bluetooth headsets occasionally have issues with handling video and sound. These T1 Pro's do as good as the expensive $150 dollar Jaybirds or even better.

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