The beginning is the passion from a music lover.

TRANYA was born after its founder, Taylor Zhang. As a music lover, Taylor tried almost every earphone in the market, but the perfect one never shows. Will there be one that covers all the goods and available for everyone? That is when a simple yet sincere idea hit him.
Taylor threw himself full force into making his idea a reality, with all the resources he can get,
T1 was born and it meets other music lovers' need from the world.
The sincere dream has sprout.

Tranya Logo

As a young brand, TRANYA still has a long way to go. We listen to our clients’ voices and we are committed to provide solid listening experience, with wear comfortable and carry portable design, we are to make the best listening experience approachable for everyone.

With the goal to accelerate the audio industry's evolution, we will never stop trying.
To be continued.

About Tranya Company