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TIPS 1: What is the difference between “T2” and “T3”?
“T2” puts more emphasis on bass, while “T3” lays more emphasis on balance of treble and bass. The charging case of T2 could charge the earbuds 4 times, while the T3’s could charge the earbuds 7 times.
TIPS 3: How to back to stereo mode after faulty operation?
Step 1: Clear up“T3-L” and “T3-R”on the Bluetooth list of your cell phones; Step 2: Turn off the Bluetooth in your cell phones; Step 3: Pick up both the left and right earbuds and long press the power keys up to 5 seconds to turn off the earbuds; Step 4: Press and hold the power keys up to 15 seconds until you hear the voice prompt of “RESET” from BOTH earbuds; Step 5: Turn on both earbuds and keep the two earbuds "within 5 cm" during the whole process - the most important key to back to stereo mode; Step 6: After 5 seconds, they would be back to stereo when the right earbud blinks white and blue alternately, and the light of left earbud is off.
TIPS 2: How is the latency and for game playing?
Video latency depends not only on the earbuds, but also the cell phones and the Apps; The latency is hardly noticed on IOS devices; For Android and Windows devices, the latency may be noticed in a few apps, but they perform pretty well on YouTube; Currently, few Bluetooth headphones are used for game playing. If you do not have enough Bluetooth using experience on game, we would NOT recommend.
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